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are to wind down the preseason. i have the very latest on nigel morgan and what to quite the toyota sports desk. >> the redskins are in arizona tonight. and have to give the roster down to the six players by friday. that is a big bubble. the cardinal's lead to score their. let's go to st. louis the ravens got on the scoreboard. what it did give -- 57 yards. a touchdown here. that may be ok in georgia. that is not ok here. did you have to act like he had been here before. he was injured on display. his left knee. he went straight to the hospital for an mri fr steelers may have to start the season with other players. let's start in ohio stadium in columbus, ohio. he goes 45 yards for the test stem. next up is miami. leonard had six catches. miami wins big, 45-0. the red sox exploded for five runs. we pick it up in the top of the second. it. then the floodgates opened. keypunches it through. the boston red sox beat them. nigel morgan will come to a crescendo. they are expected to make a decision. morgan is already appealing a seven day suspension. they are getting a lot consideration. and the
. the redskins are in the hunt. >> the nationals are off today and tomorrow, center fielder nigel morgan will begin serving his eighth game suspension. he was fined $15,000 for his part in a brawl with the marlins. nigel morgan will continue to travel with the team during his eight-game suspension. this is thursday, which means it is time for the high school athlete of the week. meet junior golfer, danny mccarthy. >> danny mccarty had a career's worth of golf in just one summer. >> the premier cup and of winston cup in canada, and the u.s. junior semifinalist metal. >> he earned a spot on the ryder cup team. he is headed to scotland later this month. >> i cannot wait. i'm sure it will be an experience i will not forget. i did not really know the golf channel was going to be there. it is a privilege to be on tv. it does not happen too often when you are a kid. >> congratulations to denny maccarthy. >> if michael vick plays well, the eagles will not be able to get him out of the lineup and i think bob will be out of a job. -- call it will be out of a job -- cobb will be out of a job. a re
for joining us tonight for sports extra. coming up on off the wall more on the nigel morgan brawl. plus the nationals try to put a spot to their big skid. but red skins team had to make their cuts by 6 p.m. this evening. they did not release the roster moves until 8:45. so after playing the waiting game for a while here is how the 75 person roster game the 58 month roster. willy parker had 16 carries for 50 yards and also four catches for 20 yards in three pre- season games for the red skins. parker didn't have enough quickness to make this team. the other cut is terrance austin. he had 146 yards and one td in the pre-season. he was a 7th round pick this year. he could make the practice squad which will be announced for tomorrow. >>> the other notable cuts. >> and then those who stuck around. and then in the back field. >> the university of marilyn made a big addition to their staff today. kevin anderson the athletic director at army since 2004 is now the new ad. he replaces debbie who led the athletic department for 16 years. left to become the ad at nc state. >> speaking of the turps
is on the bubble as we countdown tonight's preseason finale in arizona. plus why nigel morgan is not apologizing today for starting this -- 9 sports next. >>> well if you're looking to see donovan mcnabb or clinton portis or mike sellers tonight, you won't. and if you're looking to see the rest of the redskins starters don't get up for a sandwich in the first part of the game because that's all they will play. mike shanahan will be extra cautious. one or two series at most for the first unit with some starters getting the night oval together. backup quarterback rex grossman will get the start and said he will approach tonight's game as if donovan mcnabb won't be ready for monday night. >> as a backup, you have to prepare like you're a starter no matter what. and no matter what happens i'll be ready. i want to prepare like i'm starting and if i'm in there, i will play well. >> and last chance for bubble guys to make an impression, guys like willie parker and armstrong and toreain are playing for their jobs. the skins cut the roster from 75 to 53 on saturday. >>> the only two major football progra
of the final evening. after a walk and a steal, roy oswalt gets abouncer back to the mound. nigel morgan caught in a rundown. the nationals don't have a hit, but yet they lead the game 1-0 just ke it would happen for the nats, huh? top of the fourth, jason marquee hoping to end his year on a good note who hit the shot to right center field and over the fence. his twelfth homer against the natnals. the game is over, thanks to adam dunne, the nationalselebrating a victory. didn't that feel good for this team. 2-1 over the phillies. their final home game of the season tomorrow against the phils. >>> well, flip saunders said something interesting the other day. he said point guards aren't made, they fa from heaven. he id that's the same way he feels about leaders, and after a little time he spent with john walsh, saunders thipnks he has both with the rookie star. the two spent a lot of time together to get to know each her, and the two men came away very impressed. >> i understand he has a very, very, very high basketball iq. he cares about one thing and that's about winning. that's the most import
in the sixth, bottom of the seven. look at nigel morgan come in. trying the shield the sun with that glove doesn't work. later, two outs. one of the best hitters in bhas ball goes down. bottom of the ninth. drew storm to face things out. facing brian matan, another great hitter. nationals beat the braves 3-2. they take two from atlanta. the second loss this season for the braves and the orioles go on to beat the bluejays tonight 3-1. >>> up this kenmore elite multi-motion washer... how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gent, swings, steps, and tumbles. beer thajust circles, what! sorry. get 15% off all kenmore appliances and an extra 5% with your sears card. plus save up to an additional $250 instantly with our appance trade in program. sears. >>> california governor arnold schwarzenegger got his first look at that neighborhood destroyed by a natural gas explosion. schwarzenegger joined families as they returned to san bruno. nearly 40 homes were destroyed in
of the tenth. the score, still 0-0. nigel morgan, 180 feet from home. adam kennedy is up. kennedy hits one to second. this should be a double play to end the inning. ramirez throws home. watch closely to get morgan. take another look. we've got the drawing there on your screen. morgan had room to supply. chooses to barrel into the catcher, ends the inning. bottom of the ninth. what's what? >> pete rose. >> trying to keep the game scoreless. hanley ramirez on second for the marlins. chad tracy singles, throws x ramirez. just like the last play, chooses to, they win it, 1-0. jim riggleman comes out and talks about zirmman's pitching. >> he threw strikes, used almost all of his pitches and i think it's an idea where he was pitching with what he had. >>> the redskins released four including edwin malcolm. mike shanahan said he was disappointed he did not put kelly on the list to make a decision on the players' status. the reason is once a player is placed on the list, he tried to but reaggravated that season. he said the decision had to be made but he knows it was hard for kelly to take. >> i
game a & a huge brawl that looked like a football game last night in a baseball game. nigel morgan starts what was a monster fight in florida. what will happen to him? roger federer makes quick work at the u.s. open. plus that football game that vance is talking about. the back-up quarterbacks have one last chance to impress. >>> so for mcnabb and people like him, it doesn't much matter. for some guys this is a big one. >> it means everything. this is the last chance to fulfill their dream of having an nfl career, young and old alike. final cuts in the nfl coming up on saturday. so tonight, the final audition for a lot of players. 22 guys will be trimmed from the roster. great competition going on. wide receiver and running back and even back-up quarterback for that matter. the issue may have resolved itself in terms of the quarterback position. lindsay czarniak is out there. they their could be some surprises in terms of cuts in positions as well. >> reporter: there really are. they will start going over the final cuts. they need to make the final 22 cuts tomorrow. i will be watch
losing streak to the pirates. nigel morgan drops one in on the check swing to make it 5-0. to the 5th now, and pudge rodriguez drops one in. the nationals win 9-2. >>> and stephen strasburg had successful tommy john surgery. and what about the brawl with the marlins? we go "off the wall." >>> and welcome once again to off the wall. dave ross and wisdom martin with -- what do we have today? >> baseball. the nationals this week. nigel morgan and the pitcher throwing fastballs at his teammates. >> that happens. >> so he responded by going after the pitcher. so i ask you dave ross. >> ask me? >> is this a dirty move? or is this just hard core baseball? >> he's playing hard but it might be slightly dirty. there are unwritten rules in baseball as you know. and one of them is you don't take out the catcher right, and break his shoulder did like nigel did the game before. you have to know you're going to get hit the next day. that's part of the unwritten rules. but let's write them down and then we know what they are. >> how about making a rule saying if you throw a 100 mile- per-hour fastball at
-here. >>> and nigel morgan got some justice today. his seven game suspension forints appropriate banter with fans in philly, thrown out by the league office. but his eight game suspension for starting that brawl against the marlins was upheld. >>> and tonight did you see derek jeter get hit by this pitch. he's jumping around holding his wrist in pain. but look at it again. it didn't hit his wrist. >> it hit the number of the bat. and the rays knew it. jeter was totally full of bologna. >> jeter? >> is jeter a cheater or do you think that's gamesmanship and you should be allowed to do that. >> tremendous actor. i have to say. >> i wouldn't tell my kids to do that. but that's part of baseball. he has to win. >> you have to do what you have to do. that's it for us on 9 news now at 6:00, the cbs evening news with katie couric is next. have a good night. of americans lose their h
and a half away. that's why the fields mind are a little bit empty. coming up in sports at 6:20, nigel morgan has to pay the piper for his antics on friday night. >> you can see the highlights tonight on fox 5 news at 10. >>> hurricane earl forces a maryland couple into panic mode. >> they called our house on 8:00 on the morning on wednesday there was a message saying it was evacuated, it was mandatory, how we had to get out. >> how a year's worth of wedding planning almost got swept away. >>> primary day nears, we have the play by play as the gloves come off. >>> and it looks like something you would see at a hockey match. a fight in the stands at the u.s. open. we'll tell you what set this whole thing off at six.  . >>> if you're a beatles fan you may remember rumors about paul mccartney being dead. there is a brand new documentary playing at a beatles festival at the national harbor this weekend that backs up the rumor. george harrison even admitted to the coverup on audiotapes sentd to the director -- sent director. >> they'll say these hundreds of clues in
into a violent brawl. washington's nigel morgan charged chris volstead after he threw a pitch. ask that ignited a benches clearing fight. as it is, morgan is presently awaiting appeal on a seven-game suspension for a preeftion incident. more suspensions are expected from this episode. >>> let's talk football now. the best part about the preseason in the nfl, the players will tell you is that it eventually ends. and ends for the ravens tonight. as they play the rams. most of the starting players will stay on the sidelines for this one. but there are a few players who for some, still matters. a question for some about the kickers. shane graham is one of the more accurate kickers. it is expected that graham would take the job. but billy cundiff just be better. he kicked for the ravens last year. and seems to have a leg up. the coaching staff likes them both. no decision has been made yet. >> they have both done really well. they'll be outstanding nfl kickers this year, without question. it's just a matter of which guy best fits us when the time comes. and honestly, we don't know that right now. >>
the nationals and marlins looked almost like a hockey fight. the nationals' bad boy nigel martin was at bat. he had engaged in obnoxious behavior earlier. the pitcher threw behind him -- that old trick. morgan charges the mound and out of nowhere sanchez sends morgan into the dirt with a clothesline. the league is reviewing the fight for possible punishments. getting as rough as a swingset out there. >>> when we come back, making a difference for the member of the great estrogest generation. a story you will want to see, an eyewitness to history 65 years ago. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. ♪ tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications, and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side eff
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13